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Test and Tune.com

About T & T

TestandTune.com is a web portal for automotive enthusiasts.

• Free membership includes ability for drag racers to record their time slips online and store information.
• Various car owners/aftermarket enthusiasts can upload their own car pics’ and specs or view other member’s pride & joy
• Members can share info and questions through various forums.
• Expanding to offer areas for lowriders, sport compacts, trucks/SUV’s and Off-Road enthusiasts
• Web cam for Mission Raceway (and more to come) at different racetracks and schedules for races at various tracks
• Since inception our membership has grown to almost 3000 enthusiasts.
• Opportunity for Auto related companies to post their link and logo in our vendor profile for free!

A & A Contract Customs Brokers Ltd., through TestandTune.com, wants to achieve increased visibility in the aftermarket industry, with the NHRA track sponsors, aftermarket companies and automotive parts manufacturers.

• Owners and staff of A&A are actively involved in drag racing, lowriders, show & shines
• A&A Tariff technical team having extensive knowledge of the total import process and classification of auto parts.
• A&A and TestandTune.com.com is the natural choice for aftermarket suppliers to partner with.
• Our goal is to bring something of value to the enthusiast and their suppliers.
• A&A continues to provide tailored solutions for automotive importers and exporters in Canada and the USA to work in combination with the company’s specific needs.
• A&A provides personalized service to help our customers ensure compliance under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and AMPS (Administrative Monetary Penalty System), and will assist in understanding C-TPAT and PIP (Partners in Protection)
• At A&A, we also customize our systems to meet your company’s changing needs and to ensure you always experience the quality of our Customer service.
• Specialists in Delivered Price Program for U.S. Vendors selling to Canada

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